Dental Crowns Throughout Brookfield, CT & Surrounding Areas

Crowns provide a more extensive repair to a tooth than high-quality composite fillings. These are also referred to as caps and are porcelain coverings that are sealed over the entire tooth. Using a series of color-balanced lights, the doctor is able to accurately match the color of your existing teeth, so the crowns not only serve as restorations, but also as cosmetic improvements.

Who Are Crowns For?

Crowns are ideal for those who want to improve the appearance of their teeth, strengthen and repair damaged teeth and change or restore the shape of the teeth.

What Types of Crowns Do We Use?
At TLC Dental, we place non-metal crowns fabricated from Empress Porcelain, utilizing the best cosmetic labs in the world. Empress Porcelain crowns can be placed on your front or back teeth creating a natural look for your teeth. These crowns are durable and long-lasting giving you a beautiful lasting smile!
For more information on our crown procedures and other restorative dentistry services contact our team today!
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